Setter Irlandez Irish Setter 
FCI Standard no. 120



Origin: Ireland

The general appearance 

It is an athletic dog and rasat, distinguished, with an expression full of tenderness, harmonious and well proportioned.

Important proportions 

Males 58-67 cm, females 55-62 cm.


HEAD: long and lean, is well carved ear. 
CRANIAL AREA: Muzzle and skull are parallel and equal length. It is oval (between the ears). Provides a large head. The occipital protuberance is well marked. Eyebrow arches are visible. Stop well defined. 
FACIAL AREA: The nose is dark mahogany color, dark brown or black. Nostrils are well open. Moderate height and fairly square at end, has a good length from stop to nose tip. Jaws are substantially of equal length. 
The bite is scissor type. 
Eyes: They are ripe hazel or dark brown, should never be too big . 
Ears: medium size, fine texture, attached to the back foot and well placed, drop and form a fold sticky head.


Neck, topline, body

NECK: Medium length, very muscular, not too thick, slightly arched, without a trace of dewlap.

BODY: It is proportional to the size of the dog. Chest well let down, is quite narrow in front. Elbows are well sprung chest thus providing a good capacity. Loins are muscular and slightly arched.

TAIL: medium length, proportionate to the body, preferably fastened down to the powerful, easy thins to the top. Carried on the back or bottom line.

FOREQUARTERS :The shoulders are fine at the base, long and oblique. Placed elbows down and free movement are not twisted in any outside or inside. The forearms are straight, "lively" and with good bone.

HINDQUARTERS: is large and powerful. The legs are long and muscular from hip to hock, short and strong shank to the ground. Jaretii not deviate outside or inside.



 Small and very strong. Hocks strong, arched and tight.


HAIR: It is short and fine on head, legs and tip the front of the ears. In other parts of the body and limbs, the hair is medium length, flat and if possible without loops or undulations. On top of the ears are long and silky fringe; return forelegs and hind fringes are long and thin. The hair is quite abundant on the ventral side and forms a franjuratie that may extend to the chest and neck. The feet are well trimmed hair between fingers. The tail fringes has a medium length, which shortens as it approaches the top. All the fringes are straight and flat.

Colors and Signs 
Has bright chestnut color, with no trace of black. Not faulty a white spot on chest, neck and fingers, a small white star on his forehead or a narrow white stripe on the muzzle or face.


It is liberating, smooth, with good rear drive. The head is held up. Forelegs move forward a lot, but still casual allure. Thrust produced by the hind legs is very strong and regular. Nu pot fi admisi caini ale caror membre "croseteaza" sau "tricoteaza" in miscare. Are not admitted dogs whose legs "crochet" or "knit" in motion.


The setter is alert, intelligent, energetic, affectionate and loyal.


USE: pointer and the family dog 
CLASSIFICATION: Group 7 of pointer dogs. Section 2 Pointer. England and Ireland setter, Setter. 
With working trial.

Eliminating Defects 
Any deviation from the above points should be considered defective and will be penalized, depending on severity.

Note: Males should have two apparent, normally developed testicles fully descended into the scrotum.