Breed: Irish Red Setter

setter irlandez 01 

Country of registration: England


Height: male 56 - 64 cm; female 54 - 64 cm
Weight: male 20 - 30 kg; female 20 - 30 kg
Hair colour: deep red through mahogany;shiny chestnut ;silky red; there are tolerate white small patches on his face or chest but no admitance to white spots on the head, limbs or tail, but there also exists the bicolor variant.


setter irlandez 02 
Picture of an english setter in ambush


The Irish Setter is one of the most beatifull and elegant  english gun dogs. He comes from Spaniel Continental carefully crossbreed with English Setter and with Pointer in Ireland from where he widespread in Europe and America.



It is an intelligent, energetic,sentimental, devoted, active breed with high mobility, speed, endurance to heat and fatigue. His galop is thin and supple, extraordyn lightweight. Irish Setters make excellent companion animals and family pets.

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Specific Health problems

Irish Setters tend to be a very healthy breed. Problems that have been noted in Irish Setters include:

Hip dysplazia
Congenital elbow dysplazia
External otytis