Golden Retriever 
FCI Standard no. 111


Harmonious, well balanced, active, strong, robust, well-connected movement and gentle expression dog.


Docile, intelligent, skilled work, gentle, friendly, safe on it.


HEAD: Well proportioned and chiselled, skull broad without being heavy, muzzle powerful, wide and deep, the length of the muzzle is nearly equal to that of the skull, preferably black truffle, Stop: Well defined.

EYES: dark brown, well-spaced, eyelid edges are dark.

Ears: Medium size, about eye-level fastened.

Jaws: Strong, scissors bite, perfect, regular, complete.

NECK: smooth and muscular, the coupling of head and neck is well shaped.


BODY: balanced, short chest is well down the sternum, ribs well rounded and lowered; loin short, strong and muscular, upper horizontal line.

TAIL: Well caught and carried to the back, reaching to hock length, tip of tail is twisted.

Forelegs: straight, with good bone, good sloping shoulders, long blade, with the same arm length so that its forelegs from the elbow to the ground, are well placed under the body, elbows well glued to the torso.

HINDQUARTERS: Strong and muscular, solid legs, his knees well bent, hocks well down; straight upright; jaretii not twist nor toward the outside or toward the inside, "Cow hocks" are undesirable.

FEET: Compact and round, with fingers closed.

GAIT: walking vigorously, strong pulse, limbs moving in planes parallel to the body.

COAT: Hair grain coating or slightly wavy, forming fringe, often subpar, tight-fitting, waterproof.

COLOR: All shades of gold and cream, never red or mahogany, few white hairs are permissible, but only on the chest.

SIZE AND WEIGHT: height at withers: males 56-61 cm, females 51-56 cm, approximate weight: males 29-34 kg, females 25-29 kg.


Any deviation from the standard penalty is a fault and the gravity of irregularity. 
- Light-colored eyes 
- Lack of undercoat 
- Very curly hair 
- Reddish, mahogany or too white 
- Strong depigmentation of nose or eyelids 
- Lack of more than two premolars on the same side 
- Off limits class 
- Absence of arrest, thin narrow snout, 
- Very long back 
- Crooked or curled tail at the top 
- Severe bone defects that can disrupt the dog in motion 
- Entropion, ectropion 
- Underhung 
- agresivitate sau teama excesiva - Excessive aggression or fear 
- monorhidie, criptorhidie - Monorhidie, cryptorchidism

NOTE: Male animals should have two normally developed testicles fully descended into the scrotum.